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Hasselt is the capital and largest centre city of the Belgian province of Limburg and has about 80,000 inhabitants, called Hasselaren. This makes it the smallest provincial capital in Flanders by population. Hasselt is located on the Albert Canal and the Demer River, on the border of Vochtig-Haspengouw and Kempen, in the middle of the Flanders-Netherlands border region.


Mobile development

API & backend

UX/UI design


Objective C (iOS)

Kotlin (Android)



The issue

What we did

City of Hasselt, like any city in the centre, has a website where they offer info and services to their residents and tourists. Because today we live in a digital age and the city felt the need to help their inhabitants even easier and closer, a survey showed that an application of the city would be a solution for this. This so that communication and contact with the city could be even smoother.

From the question of the city of Hasselt, we set out together to find a communication tool that brings the city's services right into the pocket of residents in a user-friendly way. By making it possible to request documents, make an appointment, ask questions, read news about the city, and much more. All this in the personal look and feel of the city of Hasselt.

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