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Belfius NV, Cipal Schaubroeck NV and Nuhma recently announced the creation of a Fairville.  The three parties have found in each other a reliable partner in areas such as local economy, sustainability, and mobility and are bringing four existing activities around local loyalty together in one online city platform.

In the coming weeks, the transition from the three companies will start and the new organization will take shape. A 14-strong team will be responsible for the development and sales of digital solutions that inform and motivate citizens to contribute to a sustainable and economically locally embedded community through small efforts.

We already strongly believe in the unique offering of Fairville and look forward to the future with confidence.

Fairville can build on a nice list of references and this list is still growing.

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Mobile apps have become indispensable in our daily lives and are a very important digital step in an era where the smartphone has taken the place of the computer. The small screen is increasingly becoming the interface for banking, watching television, reading the news, and therefore to getting in touch with city services, merchants, associations, and health care providers.

This digital city platform provides mobile communication in cities and towns with a focus on social cohesion, the inhabitants, and the local economy. Our City App combines the various, interesting functionalities of other applications into one app that gets the branding of the city or municipality in question. As a result, the town hall of the future may no longer be a building, but an app on the smartphone in the pocket of our citizens, businesses, and visitors


Children motivate parents to leave the car at home.

To achieve climate-friendly, healthy and safe mobility by promoting local bicycle use, Buck-e is one of the Quick Win actions.

To register this bicycle use among school children, they receive a chip at school, which they attach to their bicycle. The chip communicates with a 'receiver' at school. The receiver 'reads' the chip as soon as a student enters the school.  The bicycle registration works in combination with an incentive program. Figures from municipalities where Buck-e is deployed show that Buck-e contributes spectacularly to the increase in the number of children who regularly go to school by bicycle (or on foot) and thus measurably contributes to a safer and healthier school environment (fewer cars at the school gate as a result...).


This also has a positive effect on the physical and psychological health of school-age children.

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We can no longer deny that more and more people are currently choosing to shop online instead of going to their nearest trade center. The local economy is experiencing hard times.

The demand from municipalities for a gift card to stimulate the local economy is high. Nevertheless, the solutions on the market today are not yet adapted to the current digital landscape and still require a lot of administrative work for the municipality.

Fairville offers an all-in-one solution for this. Cirklo is an answer to the changed behavior of the 21st-century consumer. Through a digital platform that local governments make available to their citizens, local gift cards can be purchased and spent at various local merchants.



Producing less waste is necessary to combat climate change. Natural resources are saved every time an object is reused. In order to make citizens more aware of waste, we developed a mobile application for waste-related functionalities. MyWaste can be used in regions that work with diftar containers. These are containers that register the weight and the frequency of each collection.

MyWaste is part of a global vision to reduce the amount of waste by fully focusing on communication and awareness.
Inhabitants who consume a minimum of waste and recycle in an exemplary way must be rewarded in an appropriate way, supported by the positive incentive platform.

Via MyWaste, citizens can follow how much waste their families have produced and how they compare to a similar family for each collection. If one produces less waste than an average family, one is rewarded for this.


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